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Prehistoric shark tooth found at Myrtle Beach! You won’t believe the size!

I am a beachcomber.  I love looking for shells along the shoreline.  Seaglass and unique shells are my favorite treasures to find.  For all the years I’ve been searching the shores, I’ve never found a shark tooth.  My oldest son found one a few years ago at the Outer Banks but we don’t visit places known for finding shark teeth.  Myrtle Beach has always been a hot spot for finding teeth.  A co-worker found a tooth last year about 3″ long.  For a young Virginia boy he found a massive treasure in the sand back in June at Myrtle Beach.  The tooth he found is over 5″ in length and a couple million years old!  What a find!

“While finding shark teeth on the beach isn’t uncommon, one 7-year-old boy vacationing in North Myrtle Beach was surprised to find a massive megalodon tooth, an artifact from the largest shark ever to exist.”

“Foster Frazier, a Virginia native, was vacationing with his family back in June when he found a megalodon tooth estimated to be over 5 inches long while digging along a stream on the beach.”

‘“Foster has always loved sharks, every book he reads is about sharks, every shirt he wears has a shark in it, and he has always told us he was going to find a megalodon tooth one day,” Tina said. “We have always told him that he’d have to get older and scuba dive to find a tooth like that, however, he said God would help him know where to look and he must have been right.”’

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