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Rare tiger photographed in India!

Photographers live for the shot of a lifetime.  For Nilanjan Ray he may have captured his shot in India.  While traveling down a road something caught his eye.  He soon realized he was looking at a tiger but a second tiger is what really caught his eye.  Ray was witnessing a rare pale tiger!  How exciting to not only witness a rarity in the wild but to capture it on film.  He definitely took the shot of a lifetime.  What an amazing experience!  Keep reading for more on the story as well as photos of the pale tiger!

“A rare “pale tiger” has been photographed in southern India, the first time one has been captured on film.”

‘”It was raining on and off,” photographer Nilanjan Ray wrote in an email to Fox News, describing the trip. “The rain had stopped for a few minutes, and the sun was about to come out. I was driving, when after a turn, we suddenly saw something that looked like a tiger (this one looked normal) walking on the road, maybe 200++ feet away. After a few seconds it ran up the hillside and vanished.”‘

“The “pale tiger” is different from a white tiger, as it to believed to have a genetic mutation that causes color morphism.”

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