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South Dakota Chinook salmon anglers are being rewarded!

What’s better than fishing and cash?  Bass anglers fish for money all the time.  Now South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks are offering anglers the opportunity to win $100.  Game, Fish and Parks recently stocked the salmon and need anglers to help collect data from the fisheries.  The information will be used to the fish are surviving in the stocked waters.  Sounds like a win, win situation for biologists and anglers.  Keep reading for more information on how you can enter to win $100 for your Chinook.   Good luck fishing and hope you win some money!

“South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks (GFP) wants to know how stocking salmon in different locations improves their survival. Anglers can help GFP gather information and be entered to win $100.”

“GFP is encouraging anglers to turn in heads of tagged Chinook salmon caught on Lake Oahe and the Oahe tail waters.”

“According to Hanten, thousands of specially-tagged Chinook salmon have been stocked in Lake Oahe. A small, coded-wire tag, only a millimeter long and the diameter of human hair, was implanted in these fish. Although tags cannot be seen by anglers, tagged fish can be identified by the absence of a tiny fin on their back.”

“Ten, $100 rewards will be issued each calendar year with a maximum of three rewards per person, per year. The annual drawing for winners of the $100 prizes will occur by Jan. 1.”

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