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Sunday hunting in North Carolina?

As a resident of the Commonwealth of Virginia that hunts every moment possible, I was completely against Sunday hunting when it was proposed.  I was adamantly against it from all aspects.  Then I began to talk to friends that worked 6 days a week and friends that didn’t get off work until after dark until Saturday and Sunday.  I took the time to really consider the facts of opening hunting season on Sunday.

Originally, I felt not hunting on Sunday was a day of rest for the wildlife as well as the hunters.  I also considered those that didn’t hunt.  Sundays were a time for them to not have to worry about hunting season.  After mulling the pros versus cons I finally changed my stance.  I don’t hunt a lot of Sundays but have been out a few times with my oldest son becuase its been the only time we could go together.

North Carolina is now considering Sunday hunting.  Keep reading for more information on their proposal!

“A new law, “Outdoor Heritage Enhanced,” will increase opportunities to hunt wild animals and upland game birds on private lands. The law also gives authority to the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission (Commission) and other public landowners to implement new options for Sunday hunting on public lands. Sunday hunting for migratory birds, including waterfowl, remains prohibited.”

“The Commission will implement a collaborative and inclusive process with constituents to evaluate options and opportunities to open Sunday hunting with firearms on the approximately 500,000 acres of game lands owned by the Commission. The process will include consideration of all user-group perspectives.”


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