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Terrifying kayak incident off Santa Barbara coast! [Video]

A California man is very lucky after his kayak incident Thursday.  Bret Jackson was kayaking off the coast of Santa Barbara when he a shark attacked his kayak.  You can watch the video to hear his account of the attack.  Just seeing those teeth marks on his kayak gives me cold chills.  I love the beach, not the ocean.  It is beautiful to look at and admire from the sand or in a big boat!  I will leave the ocean depths to all its inhabitants!  Thank goodness Mr. Jackson was not harmed and had a safe recovery.  I’m sure his kayak looked like a delicious snack before realizing it was just plastic.  Signs were put in place after the attack warning visitors.  Always be vigilant when venturing out into the ocean!

“A man kayaking off the Santa Barbara coast was attacked by a shark on Thursday and luckily got away unharmed.”

“After getting dislodged from his kayak, Jackson said that he quickly got onto the back of his damaged vessel and paddled it to a nearby dingy, where a boat later picked him up.”

“Shark warning signs have been posted at all Santa Barbara beaches for the next 48 hours.”

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Bret Jackson uses his finger to draw out the bite mark left on his kayak by an 11-13' Great White Shark off East Beach

Posted by Beth Farnsworth KEYT on Thursday, July 20, 2017




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