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Texas Navy veteran receives assistance from unexpected source!

I believe our current military members as well as veterans deserve as much respect as we can offer .  They are the ones that chose to put their lives on the line to keep us safe from our enemies.  Many times veterans are left with injuries that limit them from doing day to day tasks.  For Robert Upshaw, a Navy veteran, he lost both legs after his time in the service.  While out mowing his grass the other day in Texas when he received some very unexpected aide.  Two patrol officers saw Mr. Upshaw out mowing his grass and decided to lend a helping hand.  What a terrific gesture of community spirit and support.  The officers were able to mow the lawn in now time.  This normally would take Mr. Upshaw a couple of days.  Kudos to the Longview Police Officres that provided service to one of our veterans!

“Two police officers in Texas are inspiring others.”

“The pair spotted a disabled man struggling to mow his lawn, so they did it for him.”

“Navy veteran Robert Upshaw was mowing his lawn on Tuesday. The 57-year-old lost both of his legs due to medical conditions after serving.”

“Upshaw admits it could take days for him to mow his lawn. So when two patrol officers noticed Upshaw struggling, they didn’t hesitate to help.”



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