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What did you think of the great shark race?

Not that I thought Michael Phelps was actually going to swim beside or near a great white shark but I have to admit I was totally disappointed.  I’m not even sure what I expected from the kickoff  of Discovery’s Shark Week  but I did expect better.  There had been so much hype about the “great” race.  I guess it was like watching the evening news, you really don’t know what to believe.  In the end, Phelps lost out to the “shark” but I think most of us viewers were actually the losers.  Too much hype for me!  I’ll just stick to the documentaries the rest of the week.

“Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps’ much-hyped “race” against a great white shark finally aired on Sunday night.”

“In the end, Phelps was able to swim 100 meters off South Africa in 38.1 seconds — but the shark won with a time of 36.1 seconds.”

“However, he wasn’t actually racing next to the shark. Discovery Channel staffers calculated the great white’s time and compared it to Phelps’ performance, according to SI. On the broadcast, an image of a shark was superimposed over the Olympic swimmer.”

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