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Watch these animal rights activists harass anglers in Florida!

I have hunted and fished my whole life and thankfully I’ve only encounted a couple of animal rights activists.  The one that to mind the most was during several turkey seasons.

We hunted a farm that adjoined a property where the homeowner was adamantly against hunting.  Hunting was cruel, unusual and unjust in her mind.  One season she walked along her property banging a huge metal tub and wooden spoon.  We weren’t even hunting close to her line but the gobblers didn’t like all that racket.  She made a point to meet us when we came out and let us know how she felt about hunting.  In my most sweet southern voice, I blessed her heart and thanked her kindly.  I just happened to be carrying my gobbler over my shoulder.

I figured the next season would be met with additional “noise”.  Sure enough, the next year she played a fine tune on her metal ladder with her broom.  It truly got old quickly and we were not disrespectful.  We had permission to hunt the property.  Didn’t hunt near her home or bother anything.  We just wanted to hunt in peace.

For a couple of anglers in St. Petersburg, Florida they had a crazy run in with a family of activists.  I’m all for believing in what you do but harrassing others is not the way to get your point across.  Wait until you see what they did with their fish!  Keep watching!

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