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Whoa! This diver was attacked while he worked!

Scott Lahodik was just doing his job when he was attacked by an alligator.  Lahodik dives at several golf courses to retrieve golf balls.  While working near the 6th hole at The Palms Course he surprised a gator which in turn bit him in several places.  Thankfully, Mr. Lahodik was able to get out of the water and seek medical attention.  Of course, this is one of those cases of the gator being in his natural habitat when he was agitated.  The alligator was euthanized by Florida game officials.  Mr. Lahodik will make a full recovery and will have a story to tell of how he survived a gator attack at work.  Sounds like a pretty risky job to me in Florida but I guess someone has to do it!

“A man was attacked by a gator while diving for golf balls at a Charlotte County, Fla., golf course this week.”

“Scott Lahodik, a scuba diver who works for various golf courses, was working in the water hazard near the 6th hole at the Rotonda Golf & Country Club The Palms Course when he was bitten by the resident gator. The man was able to get himself out of the lake and up to the clubhouse, where employees then called 911 to treat him.”

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