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You won’t believe where this hammerhead was caught! [Video]

I have friends heading to Panama City Beach next week.  Once they saw this video clip they immediately began backpeddling their trip!  We all know sharks live in the ocean and shark sightings are common.  It’s just the thought of there actually being sharks at the beach where you have planned your vacation, right?  The catch drew a crowd as the fisherman reeled the huge hammerhead in.  A vacationer was working his drone at the same time and recorded the catch.  I’m sure everyone is curious to find out what happened to the shark.  Thankfully, the hammerhead was safely released right back into the ocean off Panama City Beach!  Be shark smart when visiting the beach!

“Fish stories are famous for being exaggerated, but this particular fish story has the video to prove it’s true.”

“On Saturday, a fisherman was able to reel in a hammerhead shark off of Panama City Beach in Florida.”

“Curtis Williams, who was visiting from Birmingham, Alabama, was flying a drove [sic] over the shore when he saw the epic catch-and-release encounter.”

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