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You won’t believe what this homeowner slept through! [Video]

We were sitting outside the other evening enjoying a cool July evening when a neighbor walked by for her evening stroll.  After exchanging pleasantries, she said she’d just seen a bear cross the street just a couple of streets up.  This doesn’t really surprise me even though we are in a pretty rural neighborhood.  Bears have become fairly common sights here in Central Virginia within the past few years.

I don’t mind seeing bearsin the wild but would probably be a little unnerved if I’d been this Colorado homeowner.  Not only did a bear ransack his home, the homeowner slept right through it.  This wasn’t just a quick visit by the bear.  He stayed around for a while and the homeowner kept on sleeping.  Unfortuntatley, this seems to be a bear that just couldn’t stay away from humans and did have to be euthanized.  Thankfully, no one was injured during the bear’s breaking and entering escapade.  Maybe he thought he had the place to himself!  Watch the survelliance camera shots from inside the home as the bear made himself at home.

“When homeowner Chris Odubhraic woke up, he thought a burglar had been through the home. But when Odubhraic checked the home’s surveillance cameras, he found a video of the massive bear.”

“Wildlife officials tracked down the bear and euthanized it, saying it was a threat to the public.”

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