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Wounded Warriors give back to Florida’s barrier reef!

Our military men and women make sacrifices everyday to protect our country and our freedom.  Sadly, many of our military members are injured or worse during their tours.  For those with injuries or illnesses related to their time in service there is the Wounded Warrior program.  This program is in place to assist veterans who have been wounded or issues related to their time serving our country.  For several Wounded Warriors, they are now working to save Florida’s barrier reef.  This particular reef is the only barrier reef in North American and it is in dire need of saving.  Though they aren’t serving in our military any longer, these veterans are working to save a vital piece of our ocean’s habitat.  Thank you all for your service to our country and our environment.  Keep reading for more information on this awesome project!

“Under blue skies and above spectacularly blue waters of the Florida Keys, veterans Justin Lansford and Billy Costello are on a dive boat. Their mission: To save the planet, one coral at a time.”

‘”This mission is extremely critical,” said Costello, who lost a leg when stepping on a land mine in Afghanistan. “Talking about guys that have served, they think of their profession as service. If you leave that profession of service, I think you continue to look for ways you can continue to serve. Especially your own country. This is a way to continue to serve at home by taking care of the problems that exist all around us.”’

“Florida’s barrier reef, the third largest in the world, is dying. Over the past century, marine scientists say pollution, over-fishing, ocean acidification and rising sea temperatures have stressed the coral, leading to massive die-offs.”

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