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Arizona man takes fawn to an unbelievable location! [VIdeo]

You often hear stories that make you ponder what makes the world go round.  Today, I scratched my head and wondered, what makes the world go round.  First off, do not mess with wildlife.  Especially, newborn or young animals.  Secondly, do not take them to your favorite hang out for show and tell.  Lastly, think before acting.  What may seem like a fun time to you, may seriously cause harm to the animal.  One Arizona man let his lack of judgment get the best of him.  Unfortunately, the fawn came out on the losing end of the man’s escapade.  What was he thinking?

“A young deer fawn taken from the wild near Salome will now have to live in captivity after a man brought it to a bar.”

“The Arizona Game and Fish Department took possession of the days-old fawn Saturday after someone notified the department that the deer had been brought into the bar to show patrons.”

‘”Young wildlife is rarely abandoned so there is often little reason to ‘rescue it,'” the release said. “One or both of its parents is likely nearby searching for food and will return.”‘

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