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Bad news for Nebraska bighorn sheep!

Bad news for portions of Nebraska’s bighorn sheep!  A recent project to track bighorn sheep lambs has turned up some pretty devastating results for the herd.  Pneumonia which is a vicious threat to bighorn sheep has hit the herd hard.  All of the lambs being tracked have died from the bacteria which is highly transmitted.  Though this news is not good, the research will not stop.  Project biologists will now try and determine what causes the pneumonia in the sheep.  Hopefully, research will allow for the answers needed to protect future additions to Nebraska’s bighorn sheep herd.  Keep reading for more information on this imperative project in northwest Nebraska.

“Disease issues have once again struck bighorn sheep lambs in northwestern Nebraska’s Pine Ridge, but a comprehensive research project is on track to counter the maladies.”

“Todd Nordeen, the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission’s big game research and disease program manager, said all 21 lambs equipped with tracking collars in May and June have died – almost all to pneumonia.”

“Various bacteria can be the cause. After knowing the bacteria responsible for the pneumonia, researchers will develop a plan to counter the problem.”

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