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You can help protect Delaware’s diamondback terrapins!

Delaware is looking for volunteers!  Volunteers are needed to help nesting diamondback terrapins.  These terrapins live in the water but nest on land.  Unfortunatetly their route to nesting areas include several man-made hazards.  Delaware has installed terrapin tunnels under these hazards to hopefully help more terrapins make it to their nesting areas safely.  This is where you could come in if you are willing to volunteer.  Volunteers are needed to help steer terrapins to the tunnels since this is the first testing year on the structures.  If you are interested, keep reading and check out how you can volunteer to help protect Delaware’s diamondback terrapin population!

“Diamondback terrapins are reptilian icons of Delaware’s Bayshore, Inland Bays and tidal creeks. They spend their lives in brackish waters, but every spring female terrapins leave the water to lay eggs.”

“This year, DNREC’s Division of Fish & Wildlife is seeking volunteers to ensure terrapins are successful in their journey toward reproduction at one of many places they come ashore to nest: along the Delaware Bayshore’s Port Mahon Road near Little Creek. Fish & Wildlife staff will offer volunteer training beginning at 5:30 p.m. Thursday, May 18 on Port Mahon Road. In the event of inclement weather, training may be rescheduled.”

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