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Florida family has an uninvited house guest!

Oh boy!  You know those little noises you sometimes hear in your attic and think, a mouse!  Well, after this, you may rethink what is actually in your attic.  For one Florida family, the noise they heard in their definitely wasn’t a mouse.  The creature actually liked to snack on mice.  Not only did they find a snake living in the attic, it seems it had been there for severaly years.  I think that would creep me out more!  I don’t mind snakes at all but I don’t want to share my living space one one.  Keep reading for more on this family’s uninvited house guest!

“A family that heard rustling in the attic was surprised to find a 6-foot-long boa constrictor that had likely been living there for two to four years.”

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“CBS affiliate WTSP-TV reports Adam van der Herchen had been hearing noises coming from the attic and spotted a snake through an opening in the ceiling at his home in Englewood, Florida. Animal Control arrived at the home twice but were unable to remove the snake both times. Officers told the family it was likely a diamondback rattlesnake.”

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