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Good news for Nebraska bighorn sheep hunters!

Good news for bighorn sheep hunters in Nebraska.  There will be a 2018 hunting season!  Though lamb numbers have been bleak for several years, this year included, there are still legal rams are still out there.  Though you probably need a horseshoe, the opportunity is available.  Fees to take a chance at the sheep hunts are low and one lucky hunter will win.  Maybe it will be you!  The season runs for about a month but if you get on a good ram, you usually don’t need to hunt long.  I don’t have many bucket lists for hunting but this hunt would be one for the list!  Check out more on how you can apply and good luck!

“Despite recent years of poor bighorn sheep lamb survival in the Pine Ridge, Nebraska has enough older rams to continue an annual, limited hunting season.”

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“Nebraska Game and Parks commissioners meeting Thursday in North Platte approved a bighorn season for 2018. It authorized one auction and one lottery permit.”

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