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Home intruder didn’t know who was home!

A home intruder near Richmond, Virginia got more than he bargained for a few days ago.  Someone broke into a home in Chesterfield and didn’t realize the homeowner’s pet German Shepherd was the only one home.  By the looks of the home, the intruder may have needed a blood transfusion.  The grisly scene was a shock for homeowners when the arrived.  Thankfully, their dog was ok!  Turns out their pet is more of a guard dog thank goodness.  The intruder has yet to be caught.  He or she may still be in the hospital by the looks of the home!  Crime doesn’t pay!

“A Chesterfield family recently opened their door to find a scene from a horror film. There was blood covering the walls and floors of their home.”

“The family said there have been several break-ins recently in the Ashbrooke neighborhood where they live. The family came home Thursday night to find they too had been the victim of a break in. They say thanks to a family pet, the would-be robber got away with nothing. In fact, he was lucky to get away with his life.”

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