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Idaho bat tests positive for rabies!

Bats used to be a pretty common sight around here.  I always associated them with deer hunting in my favorite treestand.  They would always come out in the evening and feed across the field I was watching.  Seemed their feeding time would often coincide with the feeding time of deer I was hunting.  Unfortunately, bats have become a rarity here in Virginia nowdays.  Disease has taken its toll on our bats.

The other thing that comes to mind about bats is their ability to spread rabies.  Idaho officials just released information showing a rabies positive bat.  Always use precautions with bats and if bitten, make sure you seek immediate medical attention.  Rabies can be fatal!  Don’t take any chances

“State officials say a bat has tested positive for rabies in southeastern Idaho and area residents should take precautions.”

“Southeastern Idaho Public Health in a statement Monday says the bat was found in rural Bingham County.”

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