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Know your bull!

In several states, hunters must be aware of antler size before pulling the trigger.  These states set limits on the size antlers must be in order to allow more mature males in the herd.  This is a great management tool but one that can be tough for hunters at times.  I can relate.  I had to pass up a great bull elk one year in Montana because I couldn’t see one of his points.  The section I was hunting in had a stipulation on antler length.  It was only when he turned to go into the timber that I saw the point was long enough.  Unfortunatley, there was no available shot at that point.  I can still see that bull when I close my eyes!

For hunters planning to hunt Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula, you are now required to complete online training for antler recognition.  This will allow hunters to have a better idea of legal bulls and to help young bulls grow to legal antler size.  Keep reading for more information on Alaska’s program.

“Hunters hoping to harvest moose on the Kenai Peninsula this fall must first complete an online moose antler configuration orientation approved by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. The new regulation, adopted by the Alaska Board of Game during its February meeting, affects moose hunters in Game Management Units 7 and 15 (Kenai Peninsula, Kalgin Island, head of Turnagain Arm) and goes into effect July 1, 2017.”

“The Kenai/Soldotna Fish and Game Advisory Committee proposed the measure to help reduce the number of sublegal bull moose taken by hunters on the Kenai Peninsula.”

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