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A little good news from Hurricane Harvey! [Video]

I am a complete Weather Channel junkie during a hurricane.  After spending 10 years in emergency management, I guess its in my blood.  I sat up the night Katrina hit and watched that play out on live television for days.  Now, here I am again, glued to my tv watching Harvey.  I cannot fathom 50″ of rain.  The more I watch of the live reports the more my heart sinks.  They wouldn’t have to tell me twice to evacuate either.  I would have been gone.  Many prayers for the folks in Texas.  I’m afraid things are going to get worse before they get better.

In the eye of tragedy, there is always a feel good story!  Here is one from Hurricane Harvey.  Watch as this storm chaser tells his story of finding a lost dog as Harvey aimed for Texas.

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