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This longbow shooter has talent and maybe a little luck! [Video]

Bow hunters are known for their penchant of trying to group arrows as tightly as possible on a target.  This can often times be a competitve sport for those that shoot sticks on a string.  My two boys love the competitiveness of trying to out shoot the other.  I love to watch their camaraderie while practicing for the upcoming hunting season.  Sometimes the competitiveness turns into shooting that can last for hours.

For one longbow shooter, Josh Thompson, he proved that archery is more than just talent.  There has to be some luck involved.  Keep watching the video posted by Mr. Thompson and see what an amazing shot he makes!

“There’s something about watching someone who is really good at whatever it is they are doing. Mike Tyson in the ring, Gretzky on the ice, and Kravitz on the guitar, they’re all amazing.”

“But they didn’t get there by luck, it takes hard work. Hard work and a great deal of practice. What you enjoy watching, or when seeing a celebrity, you are seeing someone who is really good at what they do because they have practiced and perfected whatever it is that they do.”

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Posted by Josh Thompson on Wednesday, May 31, 2017




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