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Make sure your boat has a proper ventilation system! It could save your life.

Arizona Game and Fish are reminding boaters to be safe on the water.  Boating safety covers so many aspects from properly operating a boat, using caution on the water as well as proper boat maintenance.  Two events at Arizona’s Lake Havasu recently prompted these reminders.  In both events, the boats exploded.  Boaters are reminded to make sure there is a proper ventilation system on their boat.  This could be a life saving step before starting your boat.  Please use caution and check out these boating tips from Arizona Game and Fish.  Kepp reading for more information!

“The occurrence of two boat explosions two days in a row at Lake Havasu is an important reminder of the crucial role of ventilation systems, which work to remove flammable gases. Properly installed ventilation systems greatly reduce the chance of a life-threatening explosion.”

“A properly functioning ventilation system circulates air through the engine and fuel tank compartments to remove fuel vapors from the bilge. A best practice to follow is to always open an inboard engine compartment and let it air out before starting an engine — this allows you to smell for gasoline fumes.”

“A great resource for information is the Arizona Game and Fish Department’s Boating Safety Education program. The department’s free courses include instruction on the basic skills required to safely operate a boat or personal watercraft, trailering your vessel, navigational rules, buoys, anchoring, legal requirements and boating emergencies. Upcoming courses and information can be found online at”

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