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Monster in the kitchen!

I would probably shoot a hole in the cabinet if I’d seen this monster in my kitchen!  In fact, I’d probably have to stay in a hotel. There would be many sleepless nights.  The house could possibly go on the market.  Counseling could be considered.

For one California family, they had an unwelcome guest in their kitchen.  This furry creature with his 8 legs are the things nightmares are made of.  In case you hadn’t guessed it, I hate spiders and all things associated with spiders.  This would have terrified me for days.   I’m glad to see the family handled their spider encounter better than I would.  I hope I don’t ever end up in a prediciment of this nature!

“A Scripps Ranch, Calif., family got quite a surprise when they found a tarantula on their kitchen cabinet Tuesday night.”

“It was no decoration, but the real deal. A three-to-four-inch male tarantula was hanging out on the side of the family’s kitchen cabinet.”

“After a lot of screaming, dad came to the rescue by using a pitcher to capture the spider.”

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