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Montana wildfire started by a hungry hawk! [Video]

A lot of western Montana is on fire right now.  Thankfully, some temps in the 20’s this morning will help but they still need rain and snow.  Hopefully, both will come soon.  A majority of Montana’s wildfires have been started by lightning strikes in pine stands covered with dead trees from bug kills.  It is an environmental nightmare that will more than likely play out on the political floor in Helena.  Our let it burn policy is once again on the hot seat, no pun intended.

However, for one small acreage fire in Cascade County, Montana, it’s origin was not from a storm.  Seems the fire in Black Eagle was caused by a hungry hawk.  Unfortunatley, when the hawk went to land on a power line there was contact and the eagle was electrocuted.  The hawk still had a firm grip on the bull snake it had planned to dine on.  Not entirely uncommon for an animal or bird to cause a power outage or create sparks, just happened this one started a grass fire.  Keep watching for more on this hawk caused blaze!

“Dave Lee, acting assistant chief of the Black Eagle Fire Department, says he has a pretty good idea of what caused a fire that burned 40 acres in Black Eagle Wednesday.”

“It wasn’t lightning.”

“It wasn’t farm equipment.”

“It wasn’t arson.”

“It was a hungry hawk with dinner in its claws.”

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