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Pretty creepy sighting in South Carolina!

Here in Virginia we are constantly hearing of odd sightings.  Most involve mountain lions and bigfoot.  However, recent odd sightings in the Carolinas involve the infamous chupacabra.  The latest chupacabra sighting came from a South Carolina golfer.  He even posted photos of the “devil dog”.  What do you think?  I’m just not sure I believe in this creature.  I’ve seen the effects of mange on foxes and coyotes.  Its a scary looking sight and one that reminds me of the chupacabra descriptions.  Keep reading for more on the latest sightings involving the mysterious chupacabra!

“As monsters go, the chupacabra is a fledgling monster myth, with its origins as “the Hispanic Bigfoot” going back only 30 odd years to Puerto Rico.”

“But as the Hispanic population has grown in the Carolinas, knowledge of the “legend” has spread, even to the point of alleged sightings.”

“The latest of those happened last week in Santee, S.C., when a golfer claimed a hairless creature that was “not a dog” showed up on the golf course.”

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