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Her salad had a little more protein than she wanted!

Imagine you are in a hurry so you run by your local Target and grab a salad.  Now imagne you are about to eat your salad when you notice something that doesn’t look like it should belong in your salad.  Once you calm down you realize the frog may still be alive.  This is what happened recently to a California woman.  Not only did she discover the frog, her husband administered CPR and revived the little guy hiding in a bed of salad green.  Now, the frog is getting a second the chance.  The couple is keeping it for their pet.  You can’t make this stuff up!

“A Corona woman has a new pet frog after finding the distressed animal in a large box of lettuce mix she had purchased from a local Target.”

“Becky Garfinkel said she had made her salad, poured on the dressing and was just about halfway through eating her meal when she saw something in her salad start to move.”

“Garfinkel reached out to Target on Facebook about her find. The company responded and said it is looking into the issue and is contacting Taylor Farms. She said they also offered her a $5 gift card.”

“Garfinkel and her husband said they once had a lizard as a pet in an aquarium, so they are now using that old aquarium as a new home for the frog, who they named “Lucky.””

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