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Saving Old Glory! [Video]

Thank you Paul Goodloe!  This Weather Channel reporter took a moment from his reporting to save Old Glory.  While the remanants of Harvey are inundating Texas, Goodloe saw our flag lying in debris from the storm.  As the  camera pans across the flag, Goodloe shows his true American pride.  He stopped his reporting and picked up the flag.  In a day and time where people trash and burn our flag, there are still some of us willing to save it.  Prayers continue for Texas as they deal with record breaking rainfall and prayers for our country.  Mr. Goodloe, you proved there is still some American pride alive and well in our country as you folded that flag!  Thank you sir.

“While delivering an on-air report, Weather Channel meteorologist Paul Goodloe noticed an American flag in the debris on the street. He picked it up and respectfully folded it in the appropriate manner.”

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