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How To Field-Strip & Clean Your Glock As Demonstrated By Ashley

Properly maintaining and cleaning your gun is a very important step in owning a firearm. Ashley will show you the correct way to strip down your Glock and make it squeaky clean again. Take the time to learn how it’s done so your gun doesn’t jam in the field.

Given the common maladies of aging, such as arthritis, which affect hand strength and dexterity of older guys like myself, who carry a handgun everyday for self-defense & want something reliable, that’s easy to operate & simple to maintain that also packs a punch. The Glock fits that category in every way.

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The reason I’m using this particular video should be obvious. Using a scantily dressed woman in a video should grab everyone’s attention….even those with the attention span of a blade of grass.

Beneath the video, I will place a block of written instruction, courtesy of ‘wikiHOW‘.

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Method 1

Safety Check

  1. Image titled Clean a Glock Step 1
    Point your Glock in a safe direction. Make sure there are no people or pets in the direction you are pointing in.
  2. Image titled Clean a Glock Step 2
    Press in on the magazine clip to release the magazine. Your fingers should remain outside of the trigger guard.
  3. Image titled Clean a Glock Step 3

    Use four fingers of your free hand to pull the slide back to eject any rounds that are in the chamber. Repeat this several times to be sure all bullets are ejected.

    • The last time you pull back the slide, use the thumb of your shooting hand to push up the slide stop lever to lock the slide in the open position.
  4. Image titled Clean a Glock Step 4
    Look into the chamber and magazine to ensure all bullets have been removed.
  5. Image titled Clean a Glock Step 5
    Use a finger(usually your pinky) to physically make sure the chamber and magazine well are empty.
  6. Image titled Clean a Glock Step 6
    Release your slide and point your gun in a safe direction. Pull the trigger to put it into the rear position.

Field Stripping

  1. Image titled Clean a Glock Step 7
    Perform a safety check to ensure the gun is unloaded if you have not done so already. Double check to be sure there is no ammunition in the immediate area. It is always better to recheck than to have an accident.
  2. Image titled Clean a Glock Step 8

    Use the same four-fingered overhead grip as you did for the safety check.Clench your hand to move the slide and barrel about 1/8 inches (3 mm) backwards.

    • The side lock will disengage from the barrel and be moved downward. Your slide should be slightly retracted at this point.
  3. Image titled Clean a Glock Step 9
    Push the slide forward and slip it off the receiver.
  4. Image titled Clean a Glock Step 10
    Grasp the recoil spring with your thumb and forefinger. Compress the spring about 1/4 inch (6 mm) to remove it.
  5. Image titled Clean a Glock Step 11
    Grab your barrel by the bottom lug and pull it out of the slide.



Cleaning and Lubrication

  1. Image titled Clean a Glock Step 12
    Inspect your barrel to make sure your bore is clear. Use a proper size bore brush or a cloth patch with gun solvent to go through the chamber and out of the muzzle side of the gun. You may have to perform multiple passes through the chamber.
  2. Image titled Clean a Glock Step 13
    Use a small toothbrush with solvent to clean the lug areas and all other surfaces of the barrel. Wipe dry with a clean cloth.
  3. Image titled Clean a Glock Step 14
    Check your slide for residue. Use a toothbrush to clean the breech face and extractor area. You may have to hold up the firing pin channel to prevent the cleaning solvents from getting inside.
  4. Image titled Clean a Glock Step 15
    Scrub the extractor hook and brush down all other surfaces of the slide. Wipe down the slide with a clean cloth to remove all solvent.
  5. Image titled Clean a Glock Step 16
    Examine the recoil slide and guide assembly for wear and residue. Use a cloth or brush to clean all surfaces. Remember to remove the solvent when you are finished.
  6. Image titled Clean a Glock Step 17
    Use the toothbrush or cloth to clean all surfaces of the receiver and magazine.Follow with a clean cloth to remove all cleaning residue.
  7. Image titled Clean a Glock Step 18
    Use quality gun oil to gently lubricate the barrel, hood, barrel lug and the inside of the slide as well as the frame rails or slide grooves. This oil can be found at any sporting goods or gun store.
  8. Image titled Clean a Glock Step 19
    Place a single drop of oil under the connector hook (just above the right rear receiver rail) so the oil can travel down to where the connector and trigger bar meet. If not properly oiled, this can lead to “hard” trigger pull that can damage the components.
  9. Image titled Clean a Glock Step 20
    Follow the field-stripping steps in reverse order to reassemble your Glock.



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