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This Is Great…Watch As A Lousy Trespassing Poacher Get’s Painted By A Well Placed Booby Trap

This is a great video, it shows a lousy trespassing poacher when he walks right into a booby trap and gets painted. I’ll bet you $50.00 he didn’t see that coming. This is what I call a modern art masterpiece, this lousy trespasser got EXACTLY what was coming to him. There clearly was a “No Trespassing” sign posted, but he made the decision to ignore it and walk ahead anyway. I won’t call this guy a ‘hunter’, because once he stepped onto private land, he became a trespasser and a poacher. I might be convinced to feel sorry for this guy if someone was just playing a joke on him, but he made the choice to trespass…so he learned his lesson the hard way.

This excerpt is from Deer & Deer :

The woman who uploaded the video onto YouTube said:  “This man has been warned for being on private property. He chose not to listen. There was [sic] many signs posted about the paint. Unfortunately, you cannot see in color, but his clothes were not ruined. They were old, stained and ripped. What you don’t see is another young man who actually destroys a few things in [sic] the property.”

An elderly deer hunter who was sprayed with paint while trespassing on a neighbor’s property on opening morning of the 2013 Pennsylvania deer season has had the charges stayed by the State. The charges will most likely be dropped in early August if he does not have further complaints filed against him. In another twist, the landowner who set the paint bomb was also ticketed in the incident — on charges of criminal mischief and criminal harassment for allegedly rigging up a trip wire that was attached to an explosive device that discharged a paint bomb on opening day of Pennsylvania’s 2013 gun-deer season.”



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