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Here’s An Awesome Survival Tip: How To Build A Shelter w/No Tools

This is an awesome survival video every recreational hiker should watch. Nobody ever plans to get lost while out for a leisurely hike out in the woods, but it does happen. If it happens to you, here is something that could possibly save your life. Even if you are an experienced hiker, always remember to bring items along with you (in case of an emergency), like a knife, matches, plenty of water, small food items (granola bars, candy, etc..) a cell phone and a  PocketFinder GPS Tracker. Any one of the above mentioned items (or all), could save your life if you are lost and stranded in the woods.

The video is from TA Outdoors and they had this to say about the video below:

Mike shows you how to build a bushcraft shelter using no tools. This is a simple, fast and easy shelter to use when you have little time and need to construct a natural shelter using wood from the woods/forest. The structure is a simple “A” Frame shelter, using a large tree root for support. The shelter is covered with moss to protect you from the wind and rain as well as provide insulation for the shelter. It took roughly an hour to build.



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