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Here’s What To Do When You Are Stopped By The Police & You Carry A Concealed Firearm

Here is some good advice, if you are a CCP holder and you are ever pulled-over by the police for a traffic stop. One thing you should do when the officer asks for your drivers license and registration, is hand-over the required documents and also your CCP card. That way the officer knows that you carry a firearm. Always remember, when stopped by the police for any reason, BE POLITE and do what the officer asks of  you.

The gun laws in different states vary, but this video can be used as a blanket instruction for to what you should do when stopped by police and you have a weapon in the vehicle.

In the United States, there are two different ways in which citizens can carry firearms: open carry, in which the weapon can be seen by a casual observer, and concealed carry, in which the weapon cannot.

Because there has never been a federal law that covers the issuance of concealed or open-carry permits, states determine the extent to which they can be issued. All 50 states allow, at some level, concealed carry, but some states are considerably more restrictive than others. It’s always a smart bet to learn about the gun laws of your state.

Remember folks, police officers have a very stressful job and your attitude will determine the outcome of your experience when dealing with them.



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