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This Is Just Too Darned Hilarious: Epic Boat Fails…’Boat Launch GONE WRONG’ Video Compilation

One would ‘think’, that after spending thousands of dollars on a new truck, or boat, that people would actually LEARN who to properly LAUNCH. The video below, gets a “10” on the cringe-worthy scale.  I just can’t believe that someone would actually be this dumb…but that’s just me. But just to show you that my heart is in the right place, I’m going to give you some tips, so that it won’t happen to you.

Here is a list of basic tips courtesy of:

1. Don’t pull up to the boat ramp and stop—that’s considered very discourteous, since you’ll block others from using the ramp for several minutes. Instead, pull over where you won’t block the ramp and take your time arranging your gear and prepping the boat for departure.
2. The first time you walk by your trailer’s wheels, touch the hubs and make sure they aren’t hot. If they are, you need to have the bearings serviced—and wait for them to cool before they go into the water.
3. Prep for the launch: remove the safety straps (but not the bow strap), put in the drain plug, load up your gear, and pull the trailer’s light plug.
4. Back down the ramp and into the water, until the stern of the boat just begins to float. Then put the tow vehicle into park and apply the parking brake.
5. Remove the bow strap and chain.
6. Tilt the engine down and back the boat off the trailer.
7. Loading is the same process, in reverse. Motor onto the trailer, then hook the bow to the strap, winch it tight, and attach the chain.
8. If the ramp has a low grade, remove the safety chain, then take out a couple feet of line from the winch. Re-engage the winch, back down the ramp, and tap the brakes—gently—to move the boat back a few feet on the trailer. Then it’ll be much easier to launch.
9. Before towing home, prep your boat for trailering (prep for launching, in reverse).



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