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Boar Hunter Franz Albrecht Öttingen Spielberg Is A Mad-Man With A Bolt Action Rifle

I don’t care who you are, or, where you come from….this young man is one helluva shot. One can barely call what Franz-Albrecht pulls off hunting, more like something out of an action film made possible with green screen. This however is not green screened, just Franz-Albrecht Öttingen-Spielberg & his Sauer 202 .270 and extremely fine shooting. Thankfully, Franz only uses his skill to take-down wild boars. Could you imagine if he was a sniper and the damage he could do to the enemy?

While stationed in what was then called “West Germany”, back in the mid 1970’s, on more than one occasion, I came into contact with wild boars while out in the woods on training exercises (aka “Field Problems”). You definitely give these animals a wide berth, because if you do happen to startle them, you aren’t going to enjoy the experience and that’s a fact.

About the rifle Franz used in the video:

The Sauer 202 is a modular rifle that comes in a variety of options dependent only upon caliber. The stock choices range from synthetics to high grade wood stocks, adjustable to thumbhole. The selections are seemingly endless. Whatever your favorite style of rifle for a specific application, the Sauer 202 has an option for you. Because this rifle was designed to be a modular system you not only will have a variety of options to choose from, you will be able to change out or swap components of your rifle to fit the different needs of varying circumstances.



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