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How Cool Is This….Your Own Personal Recreational Full Sized Drone/Hovercraft

After I saw this video on Facebook, I thought…the future is HERE !! This girl strapped herself to a hovercraft made out of the drones. She flew over a lake like she was in a futuristic movie and landed safely on a platform when she was finished (and wearing a hot bikini too).

The ski pole joy sticks are genius. If you could do some basic test with a GPS on-board that would establish a cruising speed and range, it might help with marketing this craft.

I scoured the internet looking for any information on just who made this thing and I came-up with nothing. So, it seems that this is a one-of-a-kind invention. But, the possibilities for marketing this thing are incredible.

That’s the thing, when you show-up with a new cool toy, pretty soon everybody will want one. I don’t care who you are…this is very cool !!

There are other types of personal full-sized drones out there that you can buy, but I think I’ll save that for another article in the future.



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