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Catching The Biggest Black Spider In Cambodia…Hmmm Now That’s Good Eating !!

There are certain things that I will not do in life and one of them is eating bugs!! I don’t care if you pay me a million bucks just to take ONE BITE…it AIN’T HAPPENING !! Now in certain parts of the world, insects are a delicacy, well GOOD for them. But here in Washington State, we kill bugs and throw their carcasses outside, or in the trash. Watch as the guy in the video goes on the hunt for a rather large, black ground dwelling spider called  “a-ping”.

Now in this video, they show you how to cook these hairy devils:

Fried spider is a regional delicacy in Cambodia. In the Cambodian town of Skuon, the vending of fried spiders as a specialty snack is a popular attraction for tourists passing through this town. Spiders are also available elsewhere in Cambodia — in Phnom Penh for instance — but Skuon, a market town on the highway 75 kilometers from the capital, is the center of their popularity. The spiders are bred in holes in the ground in villages north of Skuon, or foraged for in nearby forestland, and fried in oil.

It is not clear how this practice started, but some have suggested that the population might have started eating spiders out of desperation during the years of Khmer Rouge rule, when food was in short supply. The popularity of the dish is, however, a recent phenomenon, starting perhaps as late as the 1990s. The same book details a recipe: the spiders are tossed in a mixture of MSG, sugar, and salt; crushed garlic is fried in oil until fragrant, then the spiders are added and fried alongside the garlic until “the legs are almost completely stiff, by which time the contents of the abdomen are not so runny.

H/T – Wikipedia



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