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Here Are Some Really Cool Self Defense Weapons Every Person Should Have

In this violent day and age, where criminals and terrorists are practically allowed to run rampant, it’s good to know that there are several forms of self-defense products out there that you can purchase.

Let’s face it, not everyone wants a firearm and so the video below, offers something for everyone. Whether it’s ‘lethal’, or ‘non-lethal’, you should have the choice that fits your needs and lifestyle.

Also, cost does play an important factor as to what form of self-defense that not only fits your needs, but fits your budget as well.

Let’s get real, even though our Second Amendment guarantees you the right to bear arms, guns just aren’t for everyone…and that’s okay. But that shouldn’t limit yourself when it comes to your own self-defense.

The video below offers you choices between lethal and non-lethal self defense tools. The most important part of self-defense, is coming away with your life. And for some people, it’s also about not taking the life of another person in the process (even thought the criminal intends to severely harm, or kill you).

Beneath the video I will place links to all of the products mentioned, so that you can click on them and do your own research into which product best suits your preference , or needs.

10. Cigarette Knife

9. Salt supply

8. ZAP Blast Knuckles

7. CRKT Provoke (Not Available)

6. FastStrike SD whip

5. Tiger Claw Lady

4. Streetwise Stunbrella (Not Available)

3. BudK compact knife

2. ZORE X Gun Lock

1. Ideal conceal iPhone case gun (Not Available)



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