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Slow Motion Head Shot On A Monster 400 Pound Boar In Argentina

This clip features a slow motion look at the bullet impact on a classic head shot. All domesticated and wild pigs developed in the eastern hemisphere, while truly wild boars, commonly called javelina, are native to the western hemisphere. Wild boars in Argentina come in 2 forms, wild and native.  The wild boars are feral pigs that are so far removed from their domesticated ancestors they no longer look like domestic hogs, but they still can grow to a similar size.  They come in varying colors but most are black.  In Argentina we have two kinds of Javelina, Collared Peccary and White-Lipped Peccary.

The size difference is a quick way to tell the difference between a wild boar and Javelina, or Peccary.  Wild boars can reach 100 pounds, or more and a Peccary reaches only half that size. The boar in the video was 400 pounds. Peccary have more color variations and wild boars are mostly black.  Also Peccary have four-hoofed front toes and three-hoofed hind toes, plus they don’t have dew claws like pigs.  The canine teeth of Javelina grow vertically rather than away from the face like in boars or pigs.

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Whatever the case, this was a clean head-shot that immediately brought the animal down with the least suffering….kudos to the hunter.



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