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[VIDEO] This Is What Happens When An Idiot Antagonizes A Coyote

The video at the bottom of the second paragraph, shows a perfect example of why you don’t ever antagonize wild animals. One reason is, they might get angry and attack you and that’s not a situation that you ever want to be in.

When taking a leisurely stroll out in the woods (or where ever), there are a few basic rules to observe and the most important rule of all- is to NOT piss-off, or antagonize any wild animals you might come into contact with. Especially a predator.

I understand that there is only one coyote in this video, but sometimes they travel in packs and even though the coyote isn’t a very big predator, it doesn’t make them any less ferocious, or dangerous.

The guy in this video is a real idiot. People like this shouldn’t be left alone unsupervised, because he’s just BEGGING to have this animal bite something-off that he might need later. Seriously…this guy is a total tool, you don’t purposely piss-off a predator.

If that coyote had managed to land one good bite on this guy, he’d spend the next few hours in the E.R., getting rabies shots. I have NO PITY for morons like this…NONE!!



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