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Watch As A 350lb Wild Boar Hog Gets Dropped By Armalite .50 BMG Bolt Action Rifle

Wild boar hogs are pretty tough, so when you go hunting for them you want a “one shot one kill” weapon and the AR-50 seems to do the job. This rifle is the newest incarnation of the wildly popular AR-50 chambered for the powerful .50BMG cartridge – a single-shot, bolt-action rifle featuring a unique octagonal receiver bedded down into a V-shaped stock.

Designed to be an economical answer for the challenges of long range shooting, the AR-50A1 is amazingly accurate and with its massive muzzle brake, it has a very manageable recoil. The AR-50A1 is a highly refined rifle which is a stark and refreshing difference that maintains its superiority over the competition. The buttstock is removable, allowing for increased portability when traveling. Includes the extremely rugged and versatile GG&G bipod.

Obviously folks, almost any caliber works with a head shot. When I lived on my ex-wife’s parents farm, I saw my father-in-law drop a 1200 pound steer with a head shot from a .22 caliber rifle.



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