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WOW…Russia Creates The World’s Most Powerful Ultra Long Range Rifle

Talk about being able to “reach out and touch someone”, apparently the Barrett .50 Cal has a new big brother that can really go the distance. But, truth be told, the Russians are always trying to create something bigger and better than their counter-parts in the west.

Russia’s light arms industry presented its most innovative development in recent years, the SVLK-14S Sumrak, the world’s first sniper rifle that can hit a target four kilometers (2.4 miles) away.

SVLK-14S is a unique sniper rifle showing outstanding performance for more than 6 years at ranges well exceeding 2000 meters. It’s power, accuracy and extreme range in your hands.

The precision characteristics of this model line sound almost unreal and yes, daring. SVLK-14S rifle owners often get sub .2 MOA 5-shot groups. And all this with such powerful round as .408 Cheytac that hardly anybody can make shoot.

Hitting target beyond 3km? Easy! Nice group at 2500m? Yes, with that it’s quite feasible. New world record? She can deliver.

The newer model has a carbon fiber-reinforced “sandwich” of plastic, fiberglass and kevlar that is specially designed for the powerful Cheytac round. A long aluminium alloy chassis is integrated into the stock – to provide increased firmness and stability.


  • Technical accuracy – 0.3 MOA\9 mm between centers(5 shots at 100m)
  • Maximum Effective Range (tested) – 2500m++
  • Muzzle velocity  – 900+ m\s
  • Operational range (Temperature) – -45\+65 C



  • Caliber – .408 Cheytac\.338LM\.300WM
  • Length – 1430 mm
  • Height – 175 mm
  • Width – 96 mm
  • Weight – 10 kg
  • Barrel length – 900 mm
  • Еrigger pull – adj.
  • Bolt handle – right
  • Bolt action – right
  • Magazine – none



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