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Going Fishing With The ‘Salt Life Girls’

As a red-blooded American man, what’s better than fishing ….fishing with really hot girls that’s what !! Today we get to go fishing in Florida, with the gang of Salt Life and as an extra added attraction, they brought along the girls. Now just in case you think that this is just some silly ‘T&A” video, it isn’t, these ladies really know what they’re going and they have alot of fun doing it.

About Team Salt Life:

Here at Salt Life, we are passionate about the ocean and protecting it for years to come. We have joined with organizations that strive to protect the ocean and its wildlife through conservation efforts, enforcement, reef creation and sustainability programs. Through these efforts, we hope that future generations will continue to Live the Salt Life!

Team Salt Life is comprised of the top performers in a variety of ocean sports that include extreme surfing, free diving, fishing, and more.These athletes not only excel in their areas of expertise, but they are also passionate about living the Salt Life every single day. For this collective group, the ocean truly is where they’d rather be and where the next adventure awaits!

Salt Life respects the ocean and understands the importance to protect and preserve the seas and coral reefs for future generations to explore. To further this effort Salt Life has teamed with the Roatan Marine Park to preserve and protect the waters and reefs in Roatan, Honduras. Through education, conservation and enforcement they are striving to promote a healthy and sustainable marine environment that can provide fisheries and tourism without harming the ecosystem.

The Salt Life Girls aren’t just pretty, but they love fishing. In this video with Capt. Jimmy Nelson, you’ll see them reel in some nice fish:



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