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This Is The Scariest Shotgun Slug You’ll Ever See

In the video below, you have the pleasure of seeing  a new expanding steel slug by Gualandi from Italy. These went on sale in the U.S. late May/early June of 2016. As lead is being banned around the world, ammo manufacturers are preparing for the inevitable by producing ammo out of alternative metals like brass, copper and steel. The trick is to make a metal like steel, function like a expanding lead projectile.

Here is more info from the company who makes them:

GUALBO® STEEL is a Borra-Proiettile (Slug) 12 & 20 gauge with an expanding steel slug, created besides the classic Borra-Proiettile Gualandi® 32 gr. in lead, in order to increase our range of products for ungulate shooting, using a non-toxic material.
It’s perfect to comply with the new trends without giving up the quality of a Borra-Proiettile Gualandi.The fully in steel under-gauged slug has been created in order to expand immediately at the moment of impact, thanks to the special precut shape;
the central upper pin guarantees stability and precision, both in trajectory motion and at the moment of impact against the ungulate, facilitating the quick opening of the front petals in order to maximize the impact with the animal and achieve a cavity and hydrodynamic shock above the average.
Furthermore, to maximize the final damage, the front petals have been projected in order to come off the main body of the slug, once it penetrates the tissues for about 10 cm.
For the plastic body of the Gualbo® Steel, a special variant of the Gualbo® slug’s container has been developed: as for the version in lead, the plastic body is provided with lateral tongues that hold the steel slug and come off the central body immediately after the come out of the barrels, letting the slug together with the fletching wad go free in trajectory motion.


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