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[ “Ooh-rah!”] Let’s Lock n’ Load With Gunny R. Lee Ermey: “Shotguns”

For those of you who are civilians, or, have been living in your mother’s basement and are NOT familiar with Gunny R. Lee Ermey…listen-up. Not only was the Gunny a Marine who served his country in Vietnam, he’s also an award winning actor. He also hosted two shows for the History Channel; “Mail Call” & “Lock n’ Load”, which is the subject of the video below.
About “Lock n’ Load”:
“Actor and Vietnam veteran R. Lee Ermey guides viewers through the evolution of the deadliest battlefield weapons, with 3-D graphics detailing the improvements, changes in technology and the thought process behind each weapon. Also, experts discuss the engineering and history involved, and high-speed photography shows how these firearms work and what really happens at the point of impact. In a typical episode, Ermey focused on one specific type of weapon or weapon system, presenting key advancements in its technology and demonstrating their use with the help of experts.”
In a holdover from his duties hosting Mail Call on the History Channel, he frequently added humor in the form of light-hearted drill instructor haranguing aimed at the viewer. He also displayed an eagerness to try out the episode’s relevant weapons against a wide range of targets, particularly watermelons (“they taste better after being shot with a machine gun”), as well as glass bottles and balloons. The episode below focused on the development and evolution of the “Shotgun”.
So sit back and enjoy the show…that’s an order!!



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