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Check This Out: Here Are Some Of The Top CCW Pistols For Under $150.00

Who isn’t on a tight budget these days, I know the President Trump is doing everything he can to help the economy along, but miracles don’t happen overnight. So until things really open up and get booming, we need to make sure that we all live within our means. With that said, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be able to protect ourselves and still not spend a bloody fortune doing it.

The video below was posted to YouTube in July of 2017, so there shouldn’t be too many changes to the prices mentioned in it. The “Top 5” videos are well thought-out and done and they show people that there are inexpensive guns out there that they can buy and not have to pay a fortune. Beneath the video, I will make a list of all the guns mentioned, along with a link so that you can see for yourself and make your own decisions from there.

#1. Cobra Enterprises Big Bore Derringer .38 Special


#3. Taurus 738 TCP, Semi-Automatic, .380  

#4. Hi-Point 916 C-9 8+1 9mm +P 3.5″

#5.  SCCY CPX-2 9mm

*Prices may have risen on some of the firearms listed since the production date of the video, but they still are affordable for those on a tight budget.



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