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Here’s Why A .22 Caliber Firearm May Be The Best Purchase You Can Make

If I was to recommend to someone as to which firearm they should go out and purchase, it would definitely be a .22 caliber. There are several reasons as to why this would be such an important purchase. One, is, you can use a .22 cal for just about anything. You can target shoot with it, it’s a good gun for home defense and you can virtually hunt any small game with it, from rabbits to partridges (which are excellent eating by the way).

Since you can buy .22 caliber ammunition almost anywhere, it is redibly available and very inexpensive. You can pick-up .22 caliber ammunition for almost nothing. One example is; you can buy a 50 round box of Federal Champion .22 LR Ammunition for only $2.87. A .22 is also a really fun firearm to target shoot with, since the ammo is so cheap, you can make a day of it without breaking your wallet.

Also, a .22 caliber pistol is a good home defense weapon, one reason is, if you are forced to discharge it inside your home, you don’t really have to worry about the slug passing through the walls of your home and into your neighbors residence. And if I was to reccomend ammunition for home defense, my choice would be, CCI Stinger .22 Long Rifle Ammunition, you can buy a 50 round box of 32 grain copper plated hollow points for $9.30.

I realize that there might be some that would disagree with me on the home defense issue, but not everyone can afford a Glock 9mm handgun and you can always find a .22 cal pistol at any local pawn shop for a reasonable price. And truth be told, having a .22 cal for home defense, is better than not owning a gun at all.

Well I’ve talked enough and if you don’t believe what I’m telling you, perhaps the guys in the video might be able to persuade you on the advantages of owning a .22 cal.


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