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If You Are Looking For A New CCP Gun You Might Want To Check Some Of These Out

In this crazy world of mass-shootings, acid, knife and terrorist truck attacks, the need to conceal-carry is more important now than ever before. Let’s face it, it’s a crazy world and you can make the decision of what you want to be- a survivor, or a victim.

There is no guarantee you will survive even if you do carry a concealed firearm, but at least you will have choices if ever do find yourself in a life or death situation. As for myself…I would rather NOT be a victim of some gang member, crack head, Muslim terrorist, or a mass shooter.

The video below was posted to YouTube in January of this year, so all of the guns highlighted are all new models that you can choose from. Sadly, only five are mentioned, but that’s how it goes when you’re making a video, there is never enough time to spotlight everything.

Once thing you will notice, is that I’m sure you will recognize the brand names of the guns that are mentioned…and if you don’t, then you need to come out of your bunker more often (ha ha).

If you don’t have a CCP, but do live in a state that allows open carry, I still strongly urge that you get your concealed carry permit anyway, in this crazy world of political correctness and rabid liberal activism, you don’t want to draw unnecessary attention to yourself.



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