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Sasquatch Is Real: Extraordinary Video Evidence

First let me state for the record, I am not a biologist, nor am I an anthropologist, or even a expert in cryptozoology, I am merely an author who has spent many hours researching this particular phenomenon. It is my belief that there is a large bipedal creature living in North American woods.

I do understand, that very few share this belief, goodness knows there have been many hoaxes perpetrated regarding “Bigfoot”. That however, doesn’t mean that Sasquatch as a species does not exist. I also know, that this question will not be settled until hard evidence is brought forth (i.e. a body, or a live specimen).

I have spent countless hours watching several documentaries on this subject and what I’m about to show you, is some of the best evidence that I have ever seen. But before you watch the video below, what you are about to see is NOT an episode of “Finding Bigfoot” on The Animal Planet.

I do want to make abundantly clear, that I am not publishing this article for “clicks”, nor am I trying to gain personal notoriety as a cryptozoologist, that I will leave to the experts. What I am doing, is presenting evidence so that you can make your own decision.

Keep in mind, that new species are discovered every day, so the belief in a large bipedal hominid living on the North American continent that has somehow manage to escape scrutiny is quite possible.



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