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Try Not To Laugh Too Hard At This Viral Video Compilation Of Funny Fishing “Fails”

Fishing is supposed to be both fun and relaxing…I said “supposed” to be anyway. I was told by my dad, that even ‘a bad day of fishing , is better than no fishing at all’. But, I wonder if any of the people in the video believe that. Can you imagine how some of them must feel when they reel-in a great catch, only to lose it over a freak misshapen?

Truth be told, everyone at one time or another, has had a day like the folks in the video compilation below. Well, I suppose, that when you do get mad enough to snap your fishing pole in half, you should be grateful, because you can always buy another one at a reasonable price.

If you’ve never experienced fishing, you may not understand just how vital the sport is – not just to the environment and the animal and human populations, but to our very health and sanity. The pleasure, the pride, the expertise required, the camaraderie, and the incredible feeling of satisfaction all lead to a healthier you- mind, body, and soul.

Just try not to fall into the water or lose that prize catch, because if you do, you will probably go bat-sh*t nuts.

Enjoy the video.



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