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[Video] Ammo Comparison: .45cal Vs 9mm In A Ballistics Test

In the video below, they are comparing Barnes TAC-XPD 9mm against Corbon Pow’RBall .45acp. The man in the video is shooting them into VYSE professional grade ballistic gelatin blocks from Custom Collagen from 10 meters away. They opted to use these two types of ammo in an effort for a blind comparison between different size calibers and without using a pistol vs. rifle caliber.

The members of Tactical Rifleman (producers of the video), paid for the ammo and firearms showcased in the video and were not paid for by any manufactures of any of the products used. Both of the bullets used are hollow point in order to show a closer comparison of bullets in different calibers. The 9mm TAC-XPD is 115 grain and has 1125fps velocity while the .45 acp Pow’RBall 50 grains heavier at 165 grains and has 1225 fps velocity.

The 9mm is shot with a Sig Sauer P320 RX and the .45acp is shot with Caspian 1911. I will say, that I was surprised with the results between the two and I thought there would be a closer outcome with shooting them into the gelatin. Between the two, one is 50 grains heavier, flies 100fps faster and is about .10 in caliber size larger of a bullet. Once the 9mm enters, it opens up to about .75” penetrates through the first block into the second.

This was very consistent with all three rounds fired. The .45acp due to the polymer ball helps open up the hollow point to over 1” in size and stops just before going through the first block. The polymer is also designed to improve aerodynamics to the bullet while in flight .vs a standard hollow point round and enhances feeding in semi auto pistols.

Now, nobody is telling you, or even suggesting what ammo to use for self defense, just merely showing a comparison of two different types. Please do your own research and understand that shot placement will always out perform type, size and number of rounds used.



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